The Graydon Sealy Secondary School is closely connected to the Historic Garrison area which dates back to the 1650s, which during that period was occupied by the British militia and later manned by the local militia. The School was built on the grounds which housed the married women, popularly known as the married woman’s quarters.

The School is a multifaceted institution offering a varied curriculum of Academics, Sports, Music- known prominently for its Steel Orchestra, Drama- many times represented at NIFCA, Information Technology programmes, African Studies and a host of other interesting and rewarding programmes eg. work experience. There are also several clubs from which a child may chose, e.g. Cadets, Guides, the Environmental Club, The Red Cross and ISCF and the School’s Sports Department offer several teams which represent the school in Athletics, Football, Netball, Basketball, Dominoes and of course Cricket.